One Interface for All Your Living Needs

Grata’s Smart Living OS provides a single source of truth for residents, property managers, and owners alike. Discover why people are turning to Grata to upgrade their way of life.

Who We Serve

The Grata Resident App: Prioritizing the Resident Experience

Grata’s Resident App puts the tenant first. With typical building communications being scattered, Grata finally gives you one place to go. Plus, the app is designed to be as customized as possible, putting only the most relevant announcements and offers in front of you.

Using Grata will help your managers respond to your needs quicker while making you feel more connected to your neighborhood’s ecosystem.

The Grata Admin Portal for Property Managers: Enhancing Tenant-Manager Communication and Relations

Know what it’s like to finally put an end to manual labor and enjoy a centralized platform for all your building management-related tasks.

Get to service requests and tend to amenities bookings quicker. Get new residents set up effortlessly. Respond to more messages in less time. Never let a task slip through the cracks again.

The Grata Admin Portal for Asset Owners: Enhancing Your Real Estate Value

With Grata’s Admin Portal you’ll see what your tenants enjoy and what they don’t, so you can make them more satisfied in the long run. The result? Happier residents who stay longer.

Plus, by making your building more efficient and up-to-date, you’ll see value go up and costs go down.

Why Grata?

The Grata app helps residents stay connected  while keeping your data safe.

Keyless Access

Make your smartphone your building's gatekeeper.

Deals Feed

See who's selling what in your building.

Community Feed

Never miss another event or announcement.


Start reaping the benefits. Unlock gift cards and other offers.

What Grata Offers

Say goodbye to jingling keys. Leave scattered elevator notices in the past. And forget online portals that barely seem to work.  With Grata’s secure digital living system you can: 

Customer Service

You can reach our support management team 24 hours of the day, 7 days a week.

Commitment to Quality

Residents and property managers alike deserve an unparalleled experience.

Safety and Security

Your safety and your property’s security come first.


Grata remains convenient for everyone, regardless of age or disability.

Data and Privacy Protection

Your information will be kept 100% secure.


Each experience will be tailored to the needs of the person and the property.

Hear from People Using Grata

Grata’s helped countless residents enjoy a better home experience. Here’s what some have say.


87% of multifamily residents say a building’s community and amenities significantly impact their renting decision.

Case Studies

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